Santa Letters by Crossroads Portables

Mid-November – December 1st

2019 will mark our fourth year offering FREE letters from Santa that the kiddos absolutely LOVE!  This year, we’ll be tweaking our online form to allow folks to add even more info about their kiddos so that we can make them even more personalized from Santa and to help reduce any duplication of content… We try really hard to make sure siblings and even cousins, get different letters from Santa and as you can imagine this gets a bit complicated.  The extra detail will greatly help with this… 

Last year, we sent just under 100 kiddos (and a few adults) a highly personalized letter from the big man himself directly from the North Pole!

For your kiddo to receive a FREE letter from Santa, complete our online form (that will be located on this page and live early-mid November) for anyone that would love a letter from him by 11:59PM on December 1st.  Make sure that when you complete the form, you make sure the address is complete or otherwise, how else will Santa get his letter to you?!  Please double check spelling and zipcodes before submitting.

(We also try to stay really conscious of the letters we send to siblings to make sure they don’t receive the same letter… No guarantees, but we try!)