Two Stall Luxury Restroom Trailer

Leveling Up

Getting married? Hosting a wonderful community event? With it’s heat/air conditioning, premium stereo, porcelain vessel sinks, flushing toilets and other premium upgrades, our two stall luxury restroom trailer will take your event to the next level of awesome!

On Location Setup

We typically deliver the trailers first thing Friday mornings (7AM-9AM) to avoid various obstacles like tents and extra vehicles.  The truck with the trailer is a long, wide load, so this extra space to maneuver is much appreciated.  Expect us to be on site getting the trailer ‘event ready’ for approximately an hour (+/-).

Our Backup

Over the years, we have developed a wonderful collaborative relationship with Chris Guiett, Owner of Guiett’s Portajohn Rental and Services which allows us (and him) to borrow equipment back and forth when we’re already booked up.  What this means is that if our trailer is already reserved, Chris’ trailer may not be so we’d still be able to get you a trailer for your special day.  Rental fees and policies are the same as if you were renting our trailer.


“All around it’s awesome. It gives the feel like a regular bathroom. Many of our guests commented how it was nicer than their bathroom at home. Absolutely no smell lingers after someone uses it. 2 small issues we did notice, is the toilet paper rolls are too big for the holder if they are brand new rolls (no really an issue, just making you aware). And the faucet on the men’s side sticks on sometimes (maybe it knows men are dirty and need to spend more time washing lol). My kids who are honestly scared of portable bathrooms because of the “scary, icky hole” absolutely loved it. Even when given the option of using the bathroom in the house, they would go to the trailer instead. We had so many comments on how nice it was compared to a lot of options they’ve seen for outdoor events. Most people want to “hide their gawdy bathrooms” but this one took center stage! Many people posted pictures on Snapchat of it they were so impressed! Uncle Tom was commenting he needs one for out here on the farm lol. The picture I posted is only viewable if people click on “visitor’s posts” , but if you would like to use it, feel free. I’m a member of a Bride to Bride Facebook group, and I will definitely be recommending it for their weddings as well!”

Rachel H.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are proud to offer our customers the rental option of our two stall luxury restroom trailer!

Where does the water come from for the trailer?

The trailer requires ongoing fresh water such as an outdoor water faucet.  We bring a garden hose with us for hookup and have a pressure regulator on the hose.  

What type of electrical outlet does the trailer require?

As we do not rent the trailer out in the winter (when we’re hibernating), we typically only need access to one ‘3 prong’ (30 Amp) plug, 25′ from the CENTER of the drivers side of the trailer (the back side).  We do supply one extension cord.

What type of placement is good for the trailer?

As mentioned above, the tuck and trailer together is a very long, wide and heavy load.  The placement for the trailer needs to be somewhat easily accessible and very flat.  We are unable to set the trailer up on any type of incline.  Unless due to our own negligence, Crossroads Portables is not responsible for property damages that may result in delivering or retrieving the trailer.

How many guests is the trailer good for?

While there is not an exact science to determine how many ‘flushes’ you can get out of our restroom trailer, we like to say 250 flushes is a good number.  More women/children (aka more toilet paper) takes up more space in the tank so this is only a guesstimate.  If you’re expecting more then 250 guests, we suggest adding on standard units to help with capacity and help keep lines down.

What if the trailer gets damaged while it’s at our event?

Please review our FAQ’s HERE, but because of the higher value in the trailer than our portable units, we typically will come to pick it up that Sunday through Tuesday.

What’s the process for renting the trailer?

Reach out and let’s first make sure we have your date available.  If so, we’ll discuss your delivery location and details and our process for delivering, setting up, etc.  We do require a nonrefundable deposit to save your date.

Message Us

Interested in learning more about renting our restroom trailer including checking to see if your date is still available?  Reach out 🙂

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