How many portable restrooms do I need for my event?

There’s no real exact science for determining the number of units you’ll need as no two events are the same.  There are many factors taken into consideration when determining how many portable restrooms to rent per event, including but not limited to: How long is your event; How many guests are you expecting?  What’s the ratio men to women?  How many children will be in attendance?  Is alcohol served at the event?  How warm will the weather be?

Use the chart below as a guesstimate when making your reservation.

Please note: Crossroads Portables delivers restroom units clean and ready for use and finish up the cleaning process on site.  We are not responsible for overflowing or overly ‘messy’ units that result in too many uses and not enough restrooms.  A $45 per unit fee will be assessed if you need mid-rental/event servicing outside of regular weekly or biweekly servicing for monthly units and our availability to come out to service your unit(s) is not guaranteed.  An emergency trip charge of $75 may also apply.

Do I need to be present when you deliver or pick up the unit(s)?  When will you be here?

If required paperwork (if applicable) and fees have been taken care of, being present at delivery is not necessary.  Deliveries will be made on Thursday or Fridays unless otherwise arranged, HOWEVER, the service technicians will do their best to place the unit(s) where you have instructed them to do so, but if they aren’t placed just right and you want us to move the unit(s), a fee of $45 per additional visit will be charged.  Additionally, when determining where you would like the unit placed, please consider that we may have to drive on your property so please consider places somewhat easily accessible via truck.   Should damage to your property or otherwise occur, Crossroads Portables is only responsible if this is due to our negligence. You warrant that Customer’s right of way is sufficient to bear the weight of company’s equipment and vehicles.  Pick-up of the equipment will typically be made on Sundays unless otherwise arranged.  You do not need to be present at the time of pickup, but unit must still be accessible..

What forms of payment do you accept?

At this time, we are glad to accept VISA, Mastercard, and Discover via paying your invoice online (email address required) or cash/check at the time of delivery.   A $35 fee will be assessed to all returned checks.  Receipts are available via email, upon request.

Oh no!  A tree fell on the restroom!

If damage of any kind (natural, vandalism, etc.) occurs and Crossroads Portables is able to repair the equipment, a minimum service fee of $75 (maximum $249) will be assessed.  If the damages exceed the capabilities of Crossroads Portables, the Customer will be required to pay up to 50% of the repair or replacement costs including but not limited to parts and labor.  The Customer must report any fire, theft or vandalism to the proper authorities within 24 hours of occurrence and furnish a copy of the police report to Crossroads Portables.  If a police report is not furnished to Crossroads Portables within a reasonable time frame, the Customer will be responsible for the full repair/replacement cost of the unit(s) affected.