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“As a runner, I have visited many portable restrooms. Crossroads Portables are by far the cleanest portable restrooms around!” 

Stacie W.

“These pottys are always clean!!! Always happy to see a Crossroads at an event when I “have to go”!  

Lisa S.

“I have never used a porta john that was as clean as Crossroads! Even at the fair they were maintained and I didn’t feel disgusted using it! Awesome job!”  

Jeannie W.

“Great rentals and great support. Always accommodating.”

Tim Tobey

​​”Every unit I have been in has been very clean, well maintained, and appropriately stocked!! I would highly recommend this company for any portable toilet needs!! Crossroads is the way to go when you have people who gotta go :-)”

Jessica R.

“Kiddos and grandparents alike. We have used your awesome facilities. Whether it be at a parade, Macker, or Christmas festival I never need to worry about where to take the kids when away from home. Your portables are always clean and well maintained. We all need to go and you make it more pleasant when we’re away from home? thank you”

Debra B.

“Never thought I would be excited to see a porta potty…. These are super clean, never disappoint.”

Chanda R.

“Great communication. Easy payment options. Units are very clean and smell great. I can’t say enough! Thank you Crossroads!”

Leah G.

“My wife and I have used Crossroads Portables a few times now….I have them on speed dial for all of our personal and community events now!!! Clean, Efficient, Affordable are just a few words I use to describe them!” 

Ryan H.

“We have rented a portable toilet from here for the past 3 or 4 years during the busy July 4th weekend. We have had nothing but EXCELLENT service!! They are always prompt, great at communication, the units are spotless, and seemingly brand new! I highly recommend Crossroads!”

Gabe & Jessica

“I personally have used Crossroads Ports potties so many times…daily on the Belding trails, at the Ionia Free fair, Rockford Summer Celebration, Gus Macker, my best friends wedding and every single time they have been well stocked, clean and heck you can spot them a mile away! Thank you for your dedication to making such a “dirty task” seem pleasant.”

Julia C.

“I have used Crossroads Portables for all three of my children’s openhouses. They were always delivered on time and in perfect condition! Never had any issues with people wanting to go inside to use the restroom when they seen where we rented from!” 

Joanie H.

“Very clean and professional. I was stuck in an appointment when she delivered and I had a pretty specific place I wanted the portable set up. She called me and understood exactly where I wanted to have it placed. (Trying to describe that I wanted it next to the tree on the hill… when all my property is hills and trees was I’m sure a challenge) (sorry lol) . She was extremely polite and understood everything!!”

Heather D.

“A testimonial about Crossroads. There was a MASSIVE fire a little over a year ago. If I remember right it was literally almost 48 hours that firefighters were battling the blaze. Food and drinks were being brought in from everywhere. It was a very warm day to begin with. The firefighters from over a dozen departments were in need of restroom facilities. One of the things our team was asked for was to get some porta-johns delivered to the scene. I began looking on the net for someone that was close in location that didn’t cost a fortune. Time was getting to be a big issue since the firefighters had been there all day at that point. I called one company that said they could deliver but it wouldn’t be for several hours at minimum. I called Crossroads next, and was absolutely THRILLED with their service and price. They had the porta-johns there in about an hour, and their prices were very VERY reasonable. The firefighters were so grateful, and I heard several comments about the cleanliness and freshness. I couldn’t be more pleased with Crossroads. If the need ever arises again, they will be getting a call from me. Thank you again!!”  

Denise D.

“Good customer relations & great service. Company accommodates your schedule & alters theirs. Would recommend without hesitation.” 

Cindy V.

“They were wonderful to work with and it was one of their busiest weekends of the year! Pricing was very reasonable, they showed up when they said they would, and the portable bathroom & hand washing station looked and smelled clean and was completely stocked. Thanks for your excellent service! Would highly recommend.” 

Chyna G.

“Andrea and crew are wonderful !! Very community oriented, always helping others, and great to have right here in Belding. Many people I know use this company and I plan on using them for all job sites that need them, and already booked a unit for October for a party, The Facebook page is actually really fun, as Andrea post videos of her day sometimes that you can just relate too, or make you laugh sometimes too!  It’s refreshing to see someone so excited about her business and customers and community, many of us could learn something from this girl !   So 5 Stars  and great job- !  Highly recommend!”  


“We have used Crossroads Portables 3 times so far and have been beyond pleased with their service. Clean units at a fair price with stellar customer service. Plan on using them more in the future. Will always be my 1st call for rental.” 

Peter L.

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