“All around it’s awesome. It gives the feel like a regular bathroom. Many of our guests commented how it was nicer than their bathroom at home. Absolutely no smell lingers after someone uses it. 2 small issues we did notice, is the toilet paper rolls are too big for the holder if they are brand new rolls (no really an issue, just making you aware). And the faucet on the men’s side sticks on sometimes (maybe it knows men are dirty and need to spend more time washing lol).My kids who are honestly scared of portable bathrooms because of the “scary, icky hole” absolutely loved it. Even when given the option of using the bathroom in the house, they would go to the trailer instead. We had so many comments on how nice it was compared to a lot of options they’ve seen for outdoor events. Most people want to “hide their gawdy bathrooms” but this one took center stage! Many people posted pictures on Snapchat of it they were so impressed! Uncle Tom was commenting he needs one for out here on the farm lol. The picture I posted is only viewable if people click on “visitor’s posts” , but if you would like to use it, feel free. I’m a member of a Bride to Bride Facebook group, and I will definitely be recommending it for their weddings as well!”  Rachel H.


“They were wonderful to work with and it was one of their busiest weekends of the year! Pricing was very reasonable, they showed up when they said they would, and the portable bathroom & hand washing station looked and smelled clean and was completely stocked. Thanks for your excellent service! Would highly recommend.”  Chyna G.

“My wife and I have used Crossroads Portables a few times now….I have them on speed dial for all of our personal and community events now!!! Clean, Efficient, Affordable are just a few words I use to describe them!”  Ryan H.

“We have used Crossroads Portables 3 times so far and have been beyond pleased with their service. Clean units at a fair price with stellar customer service. Plan on using them more in the future. Will always be my 1st call for rental.”  Peter L.

“Great experience with this company! Very clean portable and great price! Awesome service! Would definitely rent from them again!”  Megan L.

“Great company and very clean restrooms. I highly recommend them.” Rebecca S.

“I have used Crossroads Portables for all three of my children’s openhouses. They were always delivered on time and in perfect condition! Never had any issues with people wanting to go inside to use the restroom when they seen where we rented from!”  Joanie H.

“I have never used a porta John that was as clean as crossroads! Even at the fair they were maintained and I didn’t feel disgusted using it! Awesome job!”   Jeannie W.

“As a runner, I have visited many portable restrooms. Crossroads Portables are by far the cleanest portable restrooms around!”  Stacie W.

“They were the cleanest porta potties I have ever used! Owners are wonderful people!”  Kyle S.

“I personally have used Crossroads Ports potties so many times…daily on the Belding trails, at the Ionia Free fair, Rockford summer celebration, Gus Macker, my best friends wedding and every single time they have been well stocked, clean and heck you can spot them a mile away! Thank you for your dedication to making such a “dirty task” seem pleasant.”  Julie C.

“Between my friends and family we have rented from Crossroads many times and never have been disappointed! Andrea is always on top of taking care of everything and she is great with communication! We will never change companys!”  Trisha E.

“I have one right now while under construction and could not be happier. They go above and beyond what most do. We also used them the last 2 years for our club party and our guests can’t believe how clean they are kept.”  Brian H.

“I don’t think I have ever used a crossroads portable unit that was not well cleaned, appropriately stocked, and very well maintained!! If I every need to rent a portable toilet I will definitely call this company!! Highly recommend!”   Jessica R.

“Never thought I would be excited to see a porta potty…. These are super clean, never disappoint..” Chanda R.

“Very clean portables, maintenance is kept up! Would highly recommend Crossroads Portables for any event!”  Mindy T.

“Great rentals and great support. Always accommodating.”  Tim T.

“These pottys are always clean!!! Always happy to see a Crossroads at an event when I “have to go”!  Lisa S.

“Andrea and crew are wonderful !! Very community oriented, always helping others, and great to have right here in Belding. Many people I know use this company and I plan on using them for all job sites that need them, and already booked a unit for October for a party, The Facebook page is actually really fun, as Andrea post videos of her day sometimes that you can just relate too, or make you laugh sometimes too!  It’s refreshing to see someone so excited about her business and customers and community, many of us could learn something from this girl !   So 5 Stars  and great job- !  Highly recommend!”   RJ

“Good customer relations & great service. Company accommodates your schedule & alters theirs. Would recommend without hesitation.”  Cindy V.

​​”Every unit I have been in has been very clean, well maintained, and appropriately stocked!! I would highly recommend this company for any portable toilet needs!! Crossroads is the way to go when you have people who gotta go :-)”  Jessica R.  

Reference Letters are available upon request, just reach out!