Our story & our team

As a family owned and operated company out of Belding, we appreciate that you’ve taken the time to check out our website and our services!  Meet us- Andrea, Josh and kids- Sydney, Blake and Mason!

As many ask, how in the world did you get started in ‘that’ industry?!?!, I thought I’d just answer quick and to the point- I was introduced to the industry while (still) working part time at my day job in late 2015 and found that I enjoyed running the truck. To me, running the truck is really calming- I can’t do anything else but that one thing at a time!  My mom calls it ‘Poop Therapy’ and it really is!  I’ve seen some beautiful landscapes…through the windshield of a pumper truck and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

So fast forward- I’m introduced to the industry; I like the industry; Josh and I decide to make a go of it and see what happens, and?  So far, so good!  We’ve had the privilege of working with some really awesome organizations and we’ve met some even better people all the while, helping to do our part to change the stigma portable restrooms have!  To us, we believe that using a portable restroom does NOT need to be a negative experience, so with every single rental we do our best to go above and beyond to make the user believe that too!

Nothing pleases us more than to hear about the wonderful feedback our clients receive on our units and service.  We firmly believe that you get what you pay for and our customers and those they serve deserve clean, sanitary units that are in good repair.  As such, our number one goal is to always go above and beyond to ensure that the folks that use our units have the best experiences possible.

We also believe in supporting local- that’s why our units, most of our cleaning supplies, sanitizer and dispensers, and chemical products are purchased right here from Michigan companies and we donate thousands of dollars back to area community groups through sponsorships and discounted rentals.

From our family to yours, THANK YOU for choosing Crossroads Portables!

       -Andrea Booker, Owner & Certified Sanitation Technician

PH: 616-250-0126

Andrea Booker

Owner, Marketing Master, Wearer of Many Hats

When you call, email or text to ask a question or make a reservation – Andrea is who you’ll typically be talking to.  Andrea is also our self-proclaimed ‘marketing extraordinaire’, ‘graphic design guru’ and ‘social media/ networking awesomeness’!  Really though, she does all that and will typically be the one driving the big truck to deliver your unit(s)!

Josh Booker

Owner, Yard Foreman & Purchasing Manager

Just because you won’t see him much, doesn’t mean he’s not there in all that Crossroads Portables does!  Josh is the behind the scenes, make sure the truck is stocked, loaded (and unloaded at times), organized and ready to go- guy!  He is also a huge supporter of Andrea, making sure she’s taking a break from working all of the time to hang out and have fun with the family!  He does a ton to keep Crossroads on the road!

Blake Holton

Son & Right-Hand Man

When he’s not falling asleep in the front seat of the truck (or could it be the Taco Bell coma?), Blake is Andrea’s right-hand man!  He’s the ‘navigation man’ and helps with unloading, loading but saves the more detailed stuff for his mom.  Blake’s learning the ropes of the business very quickly and is becoming pretty intuitive to what needs to be done and when!

Jason Huddleston

Nephew &

Jason has helped us on larger events for going on three years and we really appreciate him!  He’s also learning the ropes of the business and what needs to happen when and we look forward to having him help out a bit more often for 2018 (especially to give Andrea a break from time to time).  He’s a hard worker who is always cheerful and great to be around!


Route Driver Extraordinaire

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