In 2017, a passionate, dedicated and driven soccer coach, had a dream to create a local, affordable soccer club opportunity for local kids looking to play competitive soccer. He took a chance on these kids. A chance on starting a club team, affordable enough for our boys (and parents) with the first season losing a lot- So much that they ended up in last place. Our coach still didn’t give up and neither did our boys. Working harder then ever before, they were able to win games the following season and even taking first place in their league. And because someone, one person, one coach, the Fenwick Football Club is growing and has an opportunity to send a team of young men to Sweden to play in the World Youth Cup call the Gothia Cup. These are our kids. These are our community’s kids… And they need the community’s help.

The Fenwick Football Club Knights stand for a team photo following its final win of the season at Cadillac, which clinched the program’s first division title in its two-year history. 2018 (Blake was a Team Captain)

Crossroads Portables is proud to support their son, Blake, and his Fenwick Football Club teammates! #SwedenBound

Blake has been Andrea’s ‘Right Hand Man’ since day one! Now that he’s about 6’1″, he’s a great help with loading and unloading the trailer for large events and carrying all of the buckets of water 😉
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