Our very own, Andrea Booker, Owner of Crossroads Portables, is starting to make a name for herself in the portable sanitation/septic industry for sharing her heart, her passion and her love for helping others find success in their businesses.

Last year, she presented one class at the industry conference called the WWETT Show, but this year she presented two classes to (total) just over 200 industry professionals. The immediate feedback she received on her ‘Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable: Developing a Prosperity Plan‘ and ‘Putting Your Best Face Forward on Facebook in the Portable Sanitation Industry‘ presentations was overwhelmingly positive but the WWETT Show will be emailing formal feedback coming in a few weeks!

“Presenting to professionals that share your industry is very intimidating, especially as a female in this industry. You’re getting judged from the second they walk through the door. All you can hope is that what’s in your heart and your brain, adequately comes out of your mouth as you try to present your best message to them. If they (the audience) got a few nuggets out of what I said that will help them with their business? I call that a win!”

Andrea was also invited to participate in a ‘Women in the Industry’ panel alongside other dynamic women: Pamela Belyn (Zoom Drain and Sewer, LLC), Carleen Kemp (Bishop Sanitation), Iris Merrick (What a Great Website) and Ellen Rohr (Zoom Drain and Sewer, LLC). Andrea said she was a little start-struck sitting next to Ellen Rohr who she admires very much! “Ellen is a huge ball of energy and I literally want to be just like her when I grow up! I love her positivity, energy, knowledge and love what she’s doing in the industry as well as for other businesses. Next to Ellen, Pamela and the other gals? I felt highly honored to share the stage with them- so awesome!”
Congratulations and well done, Andrea!

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