Over the last 5 years, we’ve learned that while renting a portable toilet is easy to us (that’s what we do), it’s not a commonly understood process for others so we thought we’d put together a quick list to go over our process and what you can expect when renting from us!

HI! This is Andrea!

HOW do you reach us: We try to be very accessible so feel free to call, text, email, send us a Facebook message or fill out our contact form on our website. Contact us!

WHO will you speak with: Typically, you’ll be hearing back from Andrea, Owner of Crossroads Portables, when you reach out.

WHAT will be ask of you? We’ll play 20 questions: Your name, email, phone number, mailing address, delivery address if different, email address, and how you heard of us.  Your info will not be sold to marketing companies!

THEN WHAT: We’ll use the info you provide to create an invoice using Quickbooks that will get emailed to you. Invoices are typically required to be paid at delivery via cash/check or before delivery via a card through the ‘PAY NOW’ button on your invoice.   

DELIVERY PROCESS: A couple of days to a week before your delivery, you’ll hear from us to give you a rough idea of when you can expect the team to deliver your unit(s) and we’ll discuss where you’d like the unit(s) placed on your property.

Typically, units are delivered on our regular Thursday or Friday route day.  Units will be thoroughly sanitized/disinfected at set up and come standard with toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Expect us to be on site as long as it takes to get your unit(s) ‘party ready’.  If it has been raining or there is a lot of bugs on our journey to your house, it may take a while.  We’ll scoot on our way once we’re satisfied that the unit(s) are as clean as they’re going to get.

We can fit 6 standards on the truck with the liftgate down or 2 wheelchair accessible units. We also have a unit hauler we use from time to time.

TRAILER DELIVERY TIMES: We’ll still communicate with you to determine a delivery window and to discuss placement options/plans, but we typically deliver the trailer first thing Friday morning- usually between 7-9AM.  The truck plus the trailer is very wide and long and with the horizontal tank on the truck, it’s super hard to see around.  We like to deliver before anyone else gets there (helpers/extra vehicles, tent companies, etc.) to avoid various obstacles.  Expect us to be on site an hour or so to set the trailer up just right. 

PLACEMENT: If you won’t be home at delivery, no worries!  A shovel in the ground, 5-gallon bucket, or other ‘landmark’ to act as a target for placement works fine.  (Some folks even spray paint an X on the ground!  THANK YOU!)  We do ask that the unit(s) be placed in a somewhat ‘easy’ spot.  We are not responsible for damages to your property that happens as a result of placing a unit where you tell us to, but we like to give the caution that the truck does weigh 10,000 pounds and has been known to eat up some lawns in its day, so we try our best to avoid driving over your lawn.  Click here to read about our rental policy or our FAQs.

PICK UP PROCESS: Units will be picked up within that following week, typically on a normal route day.  You do not need to be home for us to pick up.  We’ll sneak in the same way we left before, pump out the tank and load the unit up and head on out. 

We try to make the process convenient and painless because the last thing you should be worrying about for your event, are toilets!

THANK YOU for your reservation! We look forward to working with you!
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