Aug 7, 2019

Hey all. I recorded this video last week (7/26/19) after being frustrated yet again when servicing our Baldwin Lake units and didn’t post it perhaps because I always hope things will be better the next week. Today though, after more boxers and water bottles in the tanks and feces being smeared all over our wheelchair accessible unit, I thought I would just throw this out there…

The bottom line is that whomever uses our toilets in such a filthy, nasty, and unsanitary way every single week, you are ruining it for everyone else that appreciates having toilets at the lake. Your ?? does not belong anywhere but down inside the tank- not smeared all over the toilet seat so bad that I have to physically take the seat off to scrub it, not in piles on the ground, not smeared all over the floor or anywhere else. Your boxers, underwear and tshirts do not belong inside the toilet and neither do your kid’s dirty diapers. There is a garbage can not 10′ away. Please use it.

Every single week I deal with this, unfortunately without exception, and I refuse to accept that its “just part of the job”. It’s unnecessary, ridiculous and frustrating to all who use it after you as much as it is to me. So to the person(s) that continue doing this? STOP IT! #FrustrationsOfAPumper #PoopGoesInThePot #AccidentsHappenCleanUpAfterYourself #DontRuinItForOthers

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