Crossroads Portables will be going into hibernation mode for the winter beginning November 8, 2019.  Weather dependent, we hope to be back mid-March of 2020.

*We are a seasonal portable restroom rental and service provider from April* through the end of October*.


We learned recently that not everyone knows that portable restrooms are not only available for large events like fairs and concerts or on construction projects and farms.  Yes, you’ll see units in those places as well as soccer fields, baseball fields and even on some lake properties, but individuals can rent a portable restroom (or a handful) for various events such as graduation open houses, family reunions and wedding receptions too!  Crossroads Portables takes pride in being your solution to lessening the dirt, and mosquitos in your house for these great events!  Contact us today to get on our calendar!   (All prices include delivery*, setup, pickup, hand sanitizer and toilet paper.  *Delivery fees may apply depending on the location.)


We appreciate your rental so much!  THANK YOU!  Here’s what you can expect throughout the process:

  • Typically, when you call, text, email, or Facebook us, you’re going to be talking to Andrea, but sometimes Josh fields messages too.
  • We’ll play 20 questions: Your name, email, phone number, mailing address, delivery address if different, email address, and how you heard of us.  We use Quickbooks for our invoicing software so we use this information for that and our Google calendar.  Your information does NOT get sold!  You can pay your invoice online using a card through the invoice or with cash/check at delivery.
  • A couple of days to a week before your delivery, you’ll hear from Andrea to give you a rough idea of when you can expect her to deliver your unit(s).  (We typically do deliveries/pickups on Thursdays and Fridays but sometimes your delivery will be earlier than that based on how the route shapes up.)  We’ll talk about placement at that time and no worries if you’re not home for your delivery window!  A shovel in the ground, 5 gallon bucket, or other ‘landmark’ to act as a target for placement works fine.  Some folks even spraypaint an X on the ground!  THANK YOU!  
  • While we’re on the topic of placement, we do ask that the unit(s) be placed in a somewhat ‘easy’ spot.  We are not responsible for damages to your property that happens as a result of placing a unit where you tell us to, but we like to give the caution that the truck does weigh 10,000 pounds and has been known to eat up some lawns in its day, so we try our best to avoid driving over your lawn.  See our FAQs about damages to the equipment…


  • Once we get there, count on us to be there as long as it takes to get your unit ‘party ready’.  When we first started, we would scrub them down at home before traveling to the delivery locations, we’d have to do it all over again, so now we just scrub them down when we get there.  If it has been raining or there is a lot of bugs on our journey to your house, it may take awhile.  No worries about hanging out till we’re done just know that we’ll scoot out once we’re satisfied that it’s as good as it’s going to get.


  • We love our customers that put a small trash can in or near the unit to keep diapers, feminine hygiene products and other things out of the toilet.  Seriously, THANK YOU!  Please remember, if you wouldn’t flush it down yours, please don’t ‘flush’ it down ours.  For night parties, glow sticks and dollar store push lights work good inside and to light the way there.  All is well with this stuff as long as it comes down without damaging the unit(s).
  • Sometime that following week, we’ll sneak in the same way we dropped the unit off to vacuum out the waste, load ‘er up, and head on out.

That should be about it in a nutshell!  We try to keep the process easy and painless. 

With all of that being said, if you are happy with your service, we’d appreciate a recommendation on our Facebook page and/or Google page.  If you are unhappy with your service for any reason, please reach out to us so we can have a conversation about it.  We can’t grow as a company if we don’t know….  

Who we are

Now going into our fourth year of business, we’ve had the privilege of providing portable restrooms for various causes and companies and heaps of wonderful people in the Ionia, Montcalm and Kent Counties because of our high standards of service. 

Nothing pleases us more than to hear about the wonderful feedback our clients receive on our units and service.  We firmly believe that you get what you pay for and our customers and those they serve deserve clean, sanitary units that are in good repair.  As such, our number one goal is to always go above and beyond to ensure that the folks that use our units have the best experiences possible.

We also believe in supporting local- that’s why our units, most of our cleaning supplies, sanitizer and dispensers, and chemical products are purchased right here from Michigan companies and we donate thousands of dollars back to area community groups through sponsorships and discounted rentals. 

A smile like this from Andrea’s Mom after using one of their portable restrooms at last year’s Ionia Free Fair should speak very loudly!  (She’s a real tough critic of portable restrooms!!!)

Our team

Crossroads Portables is mainly made up of Andrea and Josh, a team in life and in business, but their son Blake and nephew Jason also help out on occasion!  From time to time you may also see their daughter Sydney helping out and their little guy, Mason may also be playing Minecraft in the truck while everyone else is out working!

Andrea Booker

Owner, Marketing Master, Wearer of Many Hats

When you call, email or text to ask a question or make a reservation – Andrea is who you’ll typically be talking to.  Andrea is also our self-proclaimed ‘marketing extraordinaire’, ‘graphic design guru’ and ‘social media/ networking awesomeness’!  Really though, she does all that and will typically be the one driving the big truck to deliver your unit(s)!

Josh Booker

Owner, Yard Foreman & Purchasing Manager

Just because you won’t see him much, doesn’t mean he’s not there in all that Crossroads Portables does!  Josh is the behind the scenes, make sure the truck is stocked, loaded (and unloaded at times), organized and ready to go- guy!  He is also a huge supporter of Andrea, making sure she’s taking a break from working all of the time to hang out and have fun with the family!  He does a ton to keep Crossroads on the road!

Blake Holton

Son & Right-Hand Man

When he’s not falling asleep in the front seat of the truck (or could it be the Taco Bell coma?), Blake is Andrea’s right-hand man!  He’s the ‘navigation man’ and helps with unloading, loading but saves the more detailed stuff for his mom.  Blake’s learning the ropes of the business very quickly and is becoming pretty intuitive to what needs to be done and when!

Jason Huddleston

Nephew &

Jason has helped us on larger events for going on three years and we really appreciate him!  He’s also learning the ropes of the business and what needs to happen when and we look forward to having him help out a bit more often for 2018 (especially to give Andrea a break from time to time).  He’s a hard worker who is always cheerful and great to be around!

Ryan Stoakes

Route Driver Extraordinaire

Ryan joined the Crossroads team in August of 2019 and has been doing a fantastic job at making sure our customers needs are being well taken care of.  He’s a very hard worker and we couldn’t be more excited to have him on the team!  (Andrea’s especially excited as he gives her a break from delivering- those units are heavy! 😉 )

Whatcha got goin’ on?

how can we help?

We appreciate that you’ve taken the time to visit our website – THANK YOU so much!  Now that you’re here, how can we help?  Fill out the contact form here or call, text us at 616-250-0126 or send us an email.  We’re also fairly active on most social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and we’re still learning SnapChat, but we’re there too.  You should hear back from us within 24 hours, although Andrea’s a little OCD so typically you’ll hear back within the hour…  Thanks again for stopping by our little corner of the web- we look forward to talking to you soon!


If you have not heard back from us within 24 hours, please call or text!  This form seems to have some challenges not getting lost in spam world!  We look forward to talking with you!